First Session Info and Forms

In our first session, we will first go over some administrative stuff (insurance, payment, and policies). Then, I will start getting more of any understanding as to why you are seeking counseling at this point. I'll take notes and make sure I'm clear on what you hope to accomplish. We will make a plan and schedule the next appointments.

Before Our Appointment

1. Figure out your insurance

Please contact your insurance and inquire about your “outpatient mental health benefits.”  Let me know if you have any questions about what your insurance representative has explained, and I'll do my best to help. 

2.  Complete the following three forms:

Your answers will be secure and confidential. Please allow yourself ample time to complete all the questions. Contact me via email with any questions you may have as you complete these forms.




On the Day of our Appointment:

1. If you have not completed the three forms, please do so. We cannot meet without those being completed.  

2. Have a credit card/HSA card to keep on file. You may want to also have a water bottle and something to take notes with if you'd like. 

3.  For in person sessions click here for driving directions. This is important because I'm in a sea of look-alike office buildings.

When you arrive, please feel free to have a seat in the waiting room. You can decide if you’d like to wear a mask. I ask that masks not be worn in session. I will come out at our appointment time and bring you back to my office. 

Do not be concerned if it's a few minutes past our start time as the nature of this work sometimes leads to the prior session going over a little.  I will have heard the door chime, so I know you are here. :)

There is water and a bathroom down the hall.

4. If we are meeting online, I will email you a link to use in order to access my virtual waiting room. You can bookmark that link to use every time.

Let me know if you have any questions—I look forward to meeting you!