You can change your life.

I will collaborate with you to define how you want your life to be different and help you move forward. 

I specialize in
helping clients:
  • Overcome depression and anxiety
  • Understand and break free from the hurts and effects of trauma & abuse

  • Increase communication skills

  • Know themselves more fully

  • Feel better about themselves and their future

  • Improve their relationships 

Why try


First of all, you are worth it.  Secondly, research has shown that counseling has benefits:

  • Better relationships

  • Solutions to specific problems

  • Significant reductions in feelings of distress

Discover Your best Self.


If there's a way you act or feel that bothers you, then it's likely not who you are.  It's likely that truer aspects of your self are buried underneath something.  Counseling can help you dig through and sort it out.   

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The tragedy is that it happened in the first place.  The injustice is that it gets to keep interfering with and dictating how you feel about yourself and how you do your life.  Let's work together to get free.