How I Work

I believe clients’ lives are stories that continue to unfold and explore how family background, past
experiences, current circumstances, cultures, and neurology impacting a client’s current

I help clients develop concrete tools, strategies, and
resources that support growth.

While striving to provide a safe and warm environment, I help clients approach themselves
with creativity, curiosity, and non-judgment which are key components for successful therapy.

 I like to work collaboratively with my clients and look at the big picture to see what is possible for their lives. I like to work with clients who are stuck but motivated, down but hopeful, anxious but brave, who are creative,

and committed to their own care.

The methodologies I draw from include:
·neurobiological, family systems, developmental, and narrative approaches
·body-oriented therapies such as EMDR and Sensorimotor which are helpful in dealing with trauma.